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What is it and what is it for?


Federal Asphalt offers a wide selection of asphalt based emulsions and cutbacks for a variety of market applications. Asphalt products may be custom formulated, for any industrial application. Federal Asphalt offers a full range of asphalt emulsions and polymer modified asphalt emulsions for surface treatments. Federal Asphalt produces specialty products used in a variety of industrial applications.


Screening Chips

fills voids and imperfections


Limestone screening is a by-product of the crushing process and is made up of fine stone chips to stone dust. Like the crusher run it will produce a hard smooth surface but can retain a substantial amount of water if the area is not well packed or drained. Typically use as the last layer in interlocking paving stone applications. It fills in any imperfections and voids in the base and aids in levelling process.

Concrete Sand

used with cement


Concrete sand is used in conjunction with cement and coarse aggregate in the manufacturing of high quality concrete mixes. It can be used for pipe bedding, traction sand, block sand and general purpose sand.  Its grains are larger than those of masonry sand, but a processing and screening process ensures that there are no large rocks or pebbles present.

3/8 Inch Pea Gravel

used for drainage or pathways


3/8 inch pea gravel is a round gravel free of any sand or foreign material. It is primarily used for drainage purposes, but many people use it in walk ways to keep dust and stone particles down or as a decorative product in landscaping and some concrete products. This aggregate does not compact well and produces a soft surface

River Rock

ideal for walkways and paths


River rock is a rounded stone of varying sizes used as a ground cover, around the edges of walkways, or to add to a pond or waterfall.River gravel is also occasionally used for landscaping purposes and placed by landscape architects in non-traffic areas of high visibility. It may be used with many plants and shrubs because the rounded surfaces ensure rain and other water will soak through to reach the roots for necessary nurture.

3/4 Inch Crusher Run

for hard packed surfaces


Used for creating hard packed surfaces. The wide range of gradation allows it to be vibrated and compacted to a hard surface to resist vertical movement while still allowing water to pass through it at a substantially slower rate. This product is typically used as the base of all  driveway construction, under concrete slabs, and in open stone roadways and parking lots.

3/4 Inch Clear

used for a drainage base


3/4 inch clear gravel is a washed product that is used as a base only when compaction is not possible.  It is used extensively for drainage applications and in the manufacturing of cement and asphalt products.  The many voids around the stones allow water to flow through freely.  The same voids can be filled with different gradation.

HL3 Stone

blended with asphalt


 A minus 16mm (5/8″)” to 5mm (3/16″) screened material that is a proper blend of 16mm (5/8″) and 5mm (3/16″) clear products.  When this material is blended with asphalt emulsion it produces either a top or base course of asphalt for roads and parking lots.

HL4 Stone

blended with asphalt


 A minus 16 mm (5/8″) to 4.75 mm (3/16″) screened material that is a proper blend of 16mm (5/8″) Clear and 7 mm (¼”) Clear products. When this material is blended with asphalt emulsion it produces a heartier top wearing course of Asphalt for roads and parking lots.

HL8 Stone

blended with asphalt


 A minus 25mm (1″) to 5mm (3/16″) screened material that is a proper blend of 19mm (3/4″) Clear, 13mm (1/2″) Clear and 7mm (1/4″) Clear products. When this material is blended with asphalt emulsion it produces a base course of Asphalt for roads and parking lots.

7mm 1/4" Clear Stone

primarily used as asphalt top coat


Also known as stone dust or Screening, this material is a minus 7 mm (1/4”) product that is useful in a top coat on asphalt or tar and chip roads


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